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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Avolve Sports?

Avolve Sports is a web-based software platform that allows coaches and other practitioners to more easily test, track, and report athlete data. Coaches can use their mobile or tablet devices to quickly record athlete data and then produce leaderboards, progression analysis, and athlete profiles all from one platform.

Who is Avolve Sports for?

Avolve Sports is designed to help anyone looking to gain insight into their athletes' performance. This includes but is not limited to high school and collegiate athletic departments, performance gyms, private training studios, and sport associations and leagues.

How are you different from other platforms/software?

We are focused on being the simplest and easiest to use platform for organizing and reporting athlete data, which makes it a powerful tool for doing just that.

While you can use other software platforms to distribute strength and conditioning programming or practice plans, Avolve is a great alternative to these when it comes to the organization and presentation of the data collected from these other platforms.


How are you better than Excel?

Avolve can produce the same reports that you create in Excel but with less steps and in much  less time. While Excel is a free, versatile, and accessible tool, it is not without its limitations when it comes to the collection and analysis of athlete data:

1.    Data must be entered and organized, then the reports must be created using complex formulas and other labor-intensive workflows. 
2.    There is a big learning curve in creating the reports and the appropriate formulas required to analyze your data. 
3.    By the nature of Excel, your data will be decentralized and exist in multiple sheets, books, and tabs making it harder to analyze across athletes and teams within your program. 

All that is required to produce reports in the Avolve Sports platform is entering the data as you test your athletes and then letting the platform do the work of producing the reports for you. Leaderboards are available as your testing is taking place, with reports and analysis available the next day after your event is completed, rather than, potentially, days later when you build the reports yourself in Excel. 

What equipment do I need?

The only thing you need to get started with us is a computer with internet access. There is also a mobile app that will allow you to score your events event without internet access.

What sport(s) is this best for?

Avolve Sports is useful for all sports! 

How many athletes can I have?

There is no limit on the number of athletes that can be part of your program.

Does this only track 1RM/what can I test?

We have a list of over 200 drills that cover many aspects of an athlete's qualities. Everything from a max Back Squat to a 1km swim is included. Our platform has drills that cover general athlete qualities but also sport-specific drills for nearly every sport. We are always adding new drills and want to hear your feedback on any additional drills you feel should be added to our database.

I have data that I've already collected, can I input this into the platform?

Yes! Our team is happy to assist you in this process.

Do you have API's?

Getting specific API's to already existing hardware and software is coming in future updates. At this time, we do not have any active API's.

Can I create workouts for my athletes?

At this time, this is not a feature we support. Our current goal is to focus on collecting and organizing data for coaches and other practitioners.